God at Work

Josh Wanner40DOW

O LORD, how manifold are your works! In wisdom have you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalm 104:24

I’m sure it never happens to you, but for me, sometimes life gets overwhelming. We see terrible things happening around us and we might be tempted to think, “What is God doing here? Is God even working anymore?”

I’ve been so blessed to have traveled around the world. I was in Guatemala and was able to experience a volcanic eruption from a relatively close distance. We piled into the back of a truck (the only way to travel in Central America!), pulled over near a lake and stood beneath the night sky, safely watching lava burst from what looked like a boring old mountain. The sight of it took my breath away and made me tear up. “God made this. There is no other explanation!”

And yet, as I write this today, I see tiny snowflakes outside of my window. We can get tired of snow, but when I pause to just think about the lowly snowflake, I’m struck with awe at God’s workmanship. He cares enough to make this impossibly small bit of water unique and stunning. It’s nothing like a big volcanic eruption, but it is yet again a visible reminder of how God works.

Psalm 104:24 reminds us that the earth is full of His works and creatures. It says “In wisdom you made them all.” All works are His creation, and they were made intentionally. We may never know this side of heaven if it was for a purpose we would view as productive, or as evidence of His glory, or even just a way to make us smile. But God’s works are such a tremendous way to remind ourselves of His continual love, wisdom, and work in our lives.


God, thank You for showing us Your work in our lives and all around us. Whether it be in great ways or small, may I never lose sight of Your creation and work. Thank You for giving us glimpses of Your handiwork and using those to show us Your love and care.

Daily Reading: Proverbs 7

– Contributed by Amanda Cole