Redeemer Lutheran Church offers its members a columbarium niche as a resting place for the ashes of their loved ones. With more and more people choosing the option of cremation, Redeemer provides a columbarium for these ashes in our center courtyard area. The Redeemer columbarium gives people an option of a temporary resting place as they await the resurrection of all souls.

Many people find great comfort in being able to visit the gravesite of a loved one – finding a connection with the one who has passed. Our courtyard columbarium provides a place for people to come and spend time in a garden like setting while taking moments for quiet meditation and reflection.

As a member of Redeemer you have the opportunity, for a suggested donation, to obtain a niche in our Springfield courtyard columbarium. Many have found this inurnment option to be less costly when compared to other burial options. A niche in the Redeemer columbarium is $1200 per individual or $1500 per couple. Monthly payment plans are also available. Please call the church office (417-881-5470) or email for more information.

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