Who Are We Looking For?

Josh WannerDevotions, Waiting

“Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”
Matthew 11:3

It’s hard enough to wait for something. It’s even harder when think you know what you’re waiting for, but you’re still not completely sure. That’s the way it must have been for John the Baptizer – so much so that he sent a couple of his own disciples to ask Jesus if he was in fact the Messiah.

Think about that for a moment. John had baptized Jesus. He saw the dove descend and land on Him. He heard the voice of God proclaim Jesus as His Son. How could he still have doubts?

What about us? We have our doubts. After all, we haven’t seen or heard God, have we? Personally, I believe I do every day. Think for a moment. Take a look at a tree. Can you make a tree? Yes, you can plant a seed and you can water it. Who makes it grow? For that matter, who made the seed or dirt or water?

God made everything we have. He even died for us on a tree that He made, to fulfill His plan for our salvation. Jesus is our Savior. Why would we need to look for another? I’m eagerly waiting for him to come again…

But not so patiently.

Our Dear Father, we wait for Jesus to come again. We need not look for another as you sent your Son to be our gift. We try to be patient, but waiting is difficult, as the gift is glorious. Grant us your peace while we wait. Amen

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together! -Ps 34:3

Contributed by Tom Johnson