What Are You Wearing?

Josh WannerDevotions, Waiting

“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ…” Romans 13:14a

I am sure the question, “What are you wearing?” is one that the female population asks more frequently than the male.  However, whether we are concerned about being ‘in style’, complying with a dress code, or just being appropriately dressed for the weather conditions,  the question of what to wear is one that we have all contemplated at some time.

When we dress to go to a sporting event, we make sure we put on the colors that identify us with our team.  In the passage above, the writer urges the Christians in Rome at that time, and us Christians today, to “put on Christ.” 

As we wait for Christ’s second coming, we need to wear the colors (the characteristics) that identify us with our Savior and our Christian faith. 

In Colossians 3 starting at verse 12, Paul lists those characteristics for us: They are compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, thankfulness, peacefulness, and above all, love.  Love is the most important piece that ties our whole outfit together.

So, the next time you check out your appearance in the mirror, remind yourself to “put on Christ” and complete your outfit.

Dear Savior, as we await your second coming, help us to remember to clothe ourselves with your virtues, so the world can identify us as Christians.  Amen.

Contributed by LaDonna Johnson