Unexpected Delivery

Josh WannerWaiting

“If you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who is to come.”
Matthew 11:14

My secretary Amy was expecting to get her first home delivery prescription package. On her front door was a FedEx sticker notifying her that they would leave her package at Walgreens. “They must do that to avoid stolen packages, or because of drug regulations,” she thought. She drove to Walgreens and pulled into the drive-thru. The attendant looked, but couldn’t find a prescription for Amy.

She handed them the FedEx note, and the attendant returned to the window and stuck an item in the delivery slot. It was a large package covered in pink flowers. “WOW! The prescription service is really stepping it up. It isn’t what I thought it would look like!” She looked closer and saw that the package came from Great Britain. Confused, Amy ripped it open to find a purse she had ordered online! She expected the delivery to look a particular way, and instead found something much more exciting.

In the Old Testament, Malachi prophesied that “Elijah” would be sent before the coming of the Messiah to prepare the way for him. The Jews expectantly looked for the literal Elijah to come. Many years later, the Jews were questioning if Jesus was Elijah. Jesus began talking about John the Baptist coming in the power of Elijah and said “If you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come.”

The Jews were expecting to see a literal Elijah return. Instead, Jesus explained that John was there to prepare the way of the Lord, and lead all to glorious salvation in Him. God works in unexpected ways and gives us blessings in a mighty way. We may not always know what we are looking for, but in the end, he always delivers!

God, thank you for the unexpected blessings you shower upon us. Help us to trust in you, even when things look different than what we expect.

Contributed by Amanda Cole