Torn in Two

Josh WannerDevotions, Vision

Mark 15:21-39

My children are now grown, but I am still very involved in their lives. When they are sick or injured, I still have the same feeling for them as I did while they were young. Simply, I love them. I played a part in their creation, and they are precious.

They are also children of God, and He considers them precious too. My younger sister died tragically when she was age four, and I remember the effect it had on our family, especially mom and dad. Mom could not be consoled even up to her death. As a parent and now grandparent, I cannot bring myself to even think about losing my children or any of my grandchildren. They are gifts.

I can’t imagine the pain God felt knowing that His beloved Son was going to die. Jesus would open the heavens to a mankind who would be lost without such a sacrifice. God knew the price.

Jesus knew the price as well. Matthew 26:39 says that while in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked His Father for another way, voicing that He would yield to the Father’s will despite the pain and suffering. Then at the cross Jesus experienced a fever of emotion – the sorrow from His mother’s eyes, physical torture, mockery, chiding, rejection of men and at last, abandonment by God.

The temple curtain was constructed of a very heavy, sturdy material. It was about 45 feet high and about 4 inches thick. It was not frail and it separated men from the Holy of Holies. When Jesus breathed His last, this curtain was torn from top to bottom! Man is no longer separated from God. Jesus fulfilled his purpose!

Lord God, all praise, worship and glory be to you! By the death and resurrection of Jesus You have torn the veil and opened the gates of heaven to me. This opening in the curtain made me worth more than I deserve. Help me tear the veil from my eyes that I might see you more clearly every day, and remain focused on You. Thank you Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Contributed by Orville Choate