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Immerse yourself in The Story!

Packed in the pages of the Bible are stories—hundreds of them—written about people who teach us lessons and help us discover the mysteries of our loving and powerful God. It’s an amazing book that God carefully prepared just for us. I hope you'll join us as we turn the Bible inside out and read His story in a unique way.

“The Story” is an exciting church-wide experience based on a book that presents the Scriptures in compelling narratives. The book reads like a novel and pulls the reader into a chronological progression of the colorful and assorted Biblical characters and events. You may also follow along simply by reading the listed verses from the Bible that you already have at home.

As we step through the chapters together, we’ll take time in weekend worship, children, youth, adult education times and other opportunities to unpack each week’s Biblical teachings. We’ll increase our Biblical literacy as we discover together how our individual stories, and the stories recorded for us in Scripture, are part of God’s greater plan for salvation. Through our reading, we’ll also uncover what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how we can engage in sharing His story with others.

The Story at Redeemer

“The Story” kicks off on September 12. It will run through May as we discover how all of God's Word works together to tell the greatest love story of all time. Everyone will have an opportunity to dive deeper into God’s Word, so that the most experienced and the least experienced Bible reader will have the chance to see God’s story in a whole new way.
The Story can be experienced in any or all of four different ways: You can read the book, participate in worship, attend Bible class, and/or join a Life Group.


Why has The Story sold over one million copies? Because it presents the Bible as one continuing story of God and His people – and that story is changing people’s lives.

Pick up your copy of The Story at church on September 5. Each week we will read one chapter together. Then we will focus on that chapter in the following Sunday’s sermon, Bible class teaching and Life Group discussion.

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Sunday worship services will focus on the biblical narrative from the previous week’s reading in The Story. The Scripture readings, the music and the prayers of the day will all reflect the same theme.

The pastor’s message in worship will help us understand how the week’s narrative reflects the theme of God’s love in Christ. He will then help us discover the difference God’s Story can make in our lives.

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Discussion-based Sunday morning Bible classes will help you further integrate God’s Story into yours. The lesson will be introduced in a large group; then we will split into small groups for discussion and prayer.

Children will learn the same lessons through fun, age-appropriate activities in Sunday School. And middle school and high school youth will grow in faith while discussing The Story with others of their own age.

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The Story - Bible Study

A Life Group is where you will experience the greatest impact from The Story. Life Groups are small groups that agree to meet for 31 weeks to dig deeply into God’s Story together. Groups meet in people’s homes or at church to participate in video-based Bible study, discussion, fellowship and prayer. Over and over, people report that Life Groups are where faith really became part of their story.
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Redeemer Lutheran Church - "The Story" Timeline

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The Story for Families (Family Devotions)

Need to kick-start your family's devotional life? Following along with "The Story for Kids" book, this downloadable booklet provides three family devotions each week complete with a reading from The Story For Kids, a family activity, prayer, and faith-building discussion starter, all centering around the weekly theme. Printed versions of this document are available to pick up at Church.
Family Devotion

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?
“The Story” begins the weekend of September 12, 2021 at every Redeemer worship service. The Story books and reading plans will be available at both our campuses beginning September 5th.
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Should I invite people to these messages?
Certainly! Each week’s message will highlight important life lessons. So, even if they join us in the middle of the series, no problem. Each week will stand-alone, but also be tied to the overall story.

What happens if I miss a week?
No worries. Although we would love for you to attend each week, we realize other important obligations also occur. So, we encourage you to keep up with the reading.

Will there be ways to dig deeper into the weekly messages?
Yes! Our Bible study time will also be covering the same story that we will focus on in worship. By attending both, you will be able to go deeper into Scripture each week so that you will enrich and add insight to your journey through “The Story.” Our children, youth, and life groups will also have the opportunity to dive into The Story in age-appropriate ways so that our whole church can explore God's Word together!
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Where can I get my book?

"The Story" books and reading plans will be available at both of our campuses during worship and at our church offices beginning September 5.

If you prefer to download an audio book, those can be found at the following links.

We pray you, your family, and your friends will join us in this exciting opportunity as Redeemer continues to explore what God's Story means for us!