Salt of the Earth

Josh Wanner40DOD, Devotions

Today’s reading: Romans 6:1-11; Job 6:6.

Can that which is tasteless be eaten without salt?

Job 6:6

Salt: the perfect “seasoning” to any dish if you were raised on Paula Dean’s cooking like I was. My grandpa never left out an ounce of butter and sure never left out a single grain of salt. 

Salt in its physical form, however, is not our focus today. Today’s focus is on how we as Christians must be. 

We fight this constant battle in a world full of non-believers, a world full of depression, anxiety, fear, and trauma, a world full of Instagram Christians, Sunday morning Christians, and Wednesday night Christians.

What about the others – the everyday Christians, the devoted and heart-on-fire Christians. What are they to do in this battle?

Romans 6 tells us not to do as others are doing. We must be different, as we were made in His glorious image. We must be different, as we have been given the gift of baptism to save us. We must be different because we are the salt of the earth. 

Being the salt of the earth means acting like a follower of Christ. Despite the sins, traumas, tragedies, and pains of this world, we must persevere. We must stay the Light, the Positive, the Hopeful, the Bold. Finding yourself being called into a certain pathway of life is part of being the salt. There is good needed where God is leading you. Follow Him!! 


Heavenly Father, during this Lenten season remind us to be the salt of the earth, to be the good, noble, and honest people of the world. We are here to fight our battle, Your battle. You are victorious and will lead us through. Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to share what You have done by sprinkling Your works wherever I go.

Contributed by Rebekkah Gates