Preparing the Sacrifice

Josh WannerDevotions, Vision

Mark 14:53-54

(Singing) “What would you do-o-o…for a Klondike bar?”

This catchy jingle gets stuck in our head easily. It causes the listener to consider the extremes he would be willing to go to in order to get the desired result – in this case – a delicious chocolaty ice-cream treat!

Perhaps it is exactly this type of pondering that has caused some (perhaps even myself at times) to say “Man, I would kill for some ice cream right now.” The comedic irony, of course, is that few if any people have ever actually been willing to resort to cold-blooded murder for the sake of something so insignificant as a sweet treat.

This week in worship, we will be considering the way the religious leaders in Jesus’ day viewed Him with “murderous eyes.” As the chief priests, elders, and teachers of the law came together for Jesus’ sham of a trial, the song in their heads rang out “What would we do-o-o, to get rid of Him?” However, this was no small treat.

Removing Jesus from the scene meant re-gaining control of the people, defense of the Jewish faith, and showing once and for all the “truth” about who this Jesus really was: An annoying rabbi filled with empty words. The religious leaders found themselves saying, “We would kill to be rid of this man!” And they meant it!

Jesus, however, sees His accusers differently. Although we, in our own sinful nature, would prefer to be rid of Jesus, He simply will not go away. In fact, the very murder and death that His accusers meant to be the end of Him, ends up bringing salvation and life to the entire world. Jesus saves, even though we would have Him killed. What a change in perspective!

Lord Jesus, forgive me for my murderous eyes. I would do anything to see like You. I want to see the salvation You bring and see others with Your kind of compassion and love. Amen.

Contributed by Jarod Koenig