Prediction & Promise

Josh WannerDevotions, Vision

Mark 14:26-28

On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus used the words of the prophet Zechariah in predicting His disciples would all fall away, and they did. But He also made a promise that He would be with them again in Galilee. We know that He later promised to be with them forever.

If we’re honest, we know that sometimes we walk away from Jesus too. We get caught up in the worry and stress of our daily lives and forget what Jesus has done for us. If we’re not as close to Him as we would like to be, it isn’t because He has moved, but we have.

So how do we stay close to Jesus? There are lots of ways. Prayer, regular attendance at worship service, daily Bible reading and Life Groups.

Prayer keeps us close to our Savior in many ways, especially when we praise Him for the big and the little things He has done in our lives. It’s important to recognize the little things He does for us every day. My wife likes to call these “God things”.

Our corporate worship keeps us close through the hearing of the Word, partaking of Holy Communion and music. Whether you love the beautiful hymns or prefer more contemporary praise songs, music is a great way to praise God and draw near to Him.

Our Life Group has become a very important way we stay near Jesus. It works through fellowship, in-depth Bible study and group prayer. When we pray as a group for each other and praise Jesus together, we can feel His presence in a very real and powerful way.

Jesus, thank you for all You do for us every day. Help us to recognize how active You are in our daily lives and draw closer to You.

Contributed by Keith Osterloh