Confirmation Instruction

At Redeemer, we seek to help children grow and mature in their faith as they enter their tween and teen years.  Participation is encouraged in confirmation classes for children in grades 6-8 to help them gain knowledge for a grounded faith, acquire skills for personal discipleship, and develop Christ-like attitudes for life.

Our goal for each confirmation student is that they will:

  • Personally confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Explore the awesomeness of God and mysteries of faith
  • Identify as an integral part of the body of Christ, as a Lutheran and as a member of our congregation
  • Regularly participate in public worship and communion, engage in personal and group Bible study, lead a God-pleasing life and offer service to God by serving others
  • Grow in their relationships with God, with their confirmation instructors and classmates, with their family and with others in their congregation