Confirmation Program 2021/2022

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Hello Confirmation Families!

I'm so glad you're taking the time to explore what our confirmation program will look like this coming year! Please make sure to read/watch all of the following information carefully as we will not have an in-person orientation. As always, I am happy to answer any questions through phone or email! The church number is (417)883-5717 and my email is

If your student is a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade student at Springfield Lutheran School, they will be receiving information about confirmation through school publications. The following information may not apply to you, unless you choose to approach our confirmation program outside of the school.

In Christ,

Hannah Hayden
Director of Youth Ministries

Basic Information

What is a confirmation program?

Our confirmation program is a three year education program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. This program is designed to give an in-depth look at Lutheran Christian beliefs culminating in a historical church service called The Rite of Confirmation.

The Rite of Confirmation is not a sacrament required by God, a graduation guaranteeing a better seat in heaven (you are saved by the Grace of Jesus, not by your works), or required to be an active participant in our church/youth programs. The Rite of Confirmation is an opportunity to stand up before the congregation, give a testimony of faith, and vow to God to continue actively living the Christian Life through the power of His Holy Spirit.

When should my family begin the confirmation program?

We encourage families to participate in our confirmation program beginning when their student is in 6th grade and finishing in their 8th grade year. Our education curriculum is designed for this age group and we believe this gives students the best opportunities to create peer relationships.

If your student is older than this age group, please reach out to Hannah for information on private confirmation and high school/young adult programs! If your student is younger than this age group, we encourage you to wait until they begin middle school. If your student is beginning the three year rotation in their 7th or 8th grade year, Hannah will work with your family to provide the best peer fellowship opportunities while also ensuring they complete three year's worth of curriculum.

What material is the confirmation program based on?
Over the course of three years (typically 6th, 7th, and 8th grade) our students work through an overview of Scripture (themes and events) and Lutheran Doctrine (beliefs on how Scripture is applied to Christian living and worship practices). All of our education is founded on Scripture as the norm and rule of our faith. Martin Luther's Small Catechism is an additional resource we use to explain Scripture, although we do not consider it to be Scripture itself. Our curriculum rotates each year to give all students an opportunity to explore how we come to a worldview based on the unchanging truth of Christ.

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Are face masks required?
Yes. We understand this is not every family's first choice and we apologize for any offense caused, but we are also striving to create an environment where all students, regardless of health issues, feel safe and welcome.

What materials are needed for confirmation?

Your student will need a physical copy of the Bible. Below is a suggestion for students, and one for parents, but any ESV or NIV version is acceptable.

For Students -- The Jesus Bible (other covers available through different retailers)

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For Parents -- The Lutheran Study Bible (my personal Bible and my favorite!)
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Your student will also need Luther's Small Catechism.
The Catechism can be purchased through our Springfield church office for $17.25 or through our church body's publishing house for $15.99 here:

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What if I can't afford the materials?
Please contact Hannah. We never want our religious education programs to be a financial burden on any family and we will help you access the materials you need!

When can my student participate in communion?
Please see the following information about our communion seminar.
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What if confirmation programs can't meet in person?
Our ministry team, along with trusted health officials and congregational lay leaders, will be continually evaluating if it is safe to meet in person for confirmation and other religious education programs. Although we believe that in-person instruction is the best way for our students to learn, we will provide online resources should our church need to take a brief hiatus from meeting in person.

What if confirmation is not the right education program for my student?
Confirmation is a program that takes intentional prioritizing of family time. We understand that it may not be right for every family and we strive to make all students feel welcome in our community regardless of their confirmation status! Please check out the youth tab on our website to see other youth programs your student is welcome and encouraged to join us at!

How can I stay connected?
The best way to stay up to date on schedule changes, new information, and youth programs is by signing up for our text reminds! Text @rlccon to 81010 to sign up.