A generous anonymous donor from our congregation has graciously offered to cover the cost of sending our current 8th-12th grade youth to Camp Okoboji in Summer 2023! They know many of our youth work hard to staff Camp Chi Rho and wanted to provide an additional opportunity for our high school students to be the campers! What an incredible blessing. Students do not have to be members at Redeemer to attend.

What is Camp Okoboji
Camp Okoboji is the Lutheran Summer Camp I went to for 23 years of my life. I went through all of their camp ages and worked there during many summers, along with spending time with my family there every summer. My best memories come from spending time at camp! As its name suggests, Camp Okoboji is in Okoboji, Iowa. A small town on a beautiful lake. Okoboji is a very popular tourist destination and Camp is blessed to have a prime location on the lake. Camp Okoboji has been serving Lutheran families since 1932!

What is Youth Week
Camp has asked me to come be their keynote speaker during Youth Week, a camp designed just for High School students (current 8th-12th graders). Youth Week's purpose is to provide high school students an experience within a Christian environment in which they are valued, establish and build Christ-based friendships, participate in engaging activities, reflect upon their Christ-given identity & purpose in life, & are challenged to develop in Christian character. Their Christian Growth focuses on equipping them to defend their faith through relevant topics. Campers will participate in activities including crafts, games, small groups, a dance, a talent show, service projects, swimming, canoeing, campfire devotions, worship, and so much more!

Camp Details

Camp Address:

(Milford is just outside of Okoboji)

Camp Website: https://www.campokoboji.org/

Age: Students who have completed Grades 8th-12th grade by Summer 2023

Dean: Pastor Tom Vanderbilt - Mt. Calvary Lutheran - Indianola, IA

Topic Leader: DCE Hannah Hayden

Departure: July 22nd (we will leave the day before camp begins)

Arrival Home: July 29th (probably late at night)

Transportation: We will work out the final transportation mode once we have a solid idea of who's coming. We will likely take rental vans.

Counselors and Staff

Youth Week is not a Redeemer Youth Event. It is run entirely by a volunteer staff of church workers and former Youth Week alumni. Counselors are volunteers who have an active background check through Camp Okoboji. Although the registration process allows students to pick one or two friends who they would like to bunk with, Camp handles all the bunking arrangements and it is likely that our students will be split between cabins with other campers. This was one of my favorite parts of camp growing up! I still have lifelong friends who I met in my cabins.

I will be attending Youth Week this year as a keynote speaker but will not be in the cabins with our youth. Alicia Lindeman (who has a background check through Redeemer) has agreed to come along if we need another driver.


In order to pay for everyone as a group, we will be registering as a group in January. Once I register your student through Camp, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out Camp's medical forms. If your student is dedicated to coming to Camp Okoboji please RSVP by filling out this form below by Jan 15th

When you RSVP for your student you are committing to their spot at Camp Okoboji. If your student is unable to attend after you submit the RSVP form, you will be responsible for reimbursing Redeemer for their camp registration cost: $370.

Once again, you will receive further information and medical forms once we register as a group.

I truly hope that many of our youth are able to take advantage of this opportunity! We are so blessed by the generous people of Redeemer and I can't wait for some of our kids to experience a place that feels like home to me! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

In Christ,
Hannah Hayden
Director of Youth Ministries
Redeemer Lutheran Church