Sunday Morning Bible Classes

What is E4?

E4 expresses the purpose of adult education at Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Our purpose is to Equip the Saints – to provide our members with a thorough education in the Bible, its teachings, and how it applies to our lives today.

But our purpose is not just to equip the saints with a lot of knowledge.  Our purpose is to change people’s lives.  And that only happens when the people of God start living out what they believe. Our purpose is to Equip the Saints FOR.  That’s where we get the E4 – Equip FOR.

We want to Equip the Saints

  • FOR the work of ministry,
  • FOR the building up of the Body of Christ,
  • FOR greater unity of faith and knowledge, and
  • FOR maturity in Christ (from Eph. 4:11-13).

THAT is how we will start making a difference in our families, our community and our world.

As part of our commitment to provide all members with a well-rounded understanding of God’s Word, we will annually provide at least one class in each of the following:

  • NT Studies: A synoptic Gospel1, Acts or a Pauline epistle2, John or a general epistle3
  • OT Studies: History4, wisdom & poetry5, prophecy6
  • Theological Foundations: Doctrine overview, the confessions, a Lutheran teaching
  • Life Application: Witnessing, personal devotional life, coping skills
  • Theological Topics: History, current issues, other religions
  • Relationship Application: Parenting, marriage, living single

Every three years:  Genesis or Exodus, John, Romans or Galatians, NT Overview, OT Overview, Hermeneutics, Reformation History

  1. Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke
  2. Pauline Epistles: Romans – Philemon
  3. General Epistles: Hebrews – Revelation
  4. History: Genesis – Esther
  5. Wisdom: Job - Song of Solomon
  6. 6Prophets: Isaiah – Malachi

Springfield Campus Current Classes


Leader: Tom Benson

Location:  Room 116 (6th Grade)

This letter by the Apostle John is often looked at with confusion and fear – but it was actually written to bring comfort and assurance to God’s people.  Come learn the true meaning of Revelation and be filled with joy!

Nixa Campus Current Classes 

"Journey from Unbelief to Faith"

Sundays 9:30 AM - Through the end of February

Fellowship Hall

In this new year, as we celebrate our baptismal identity in Christ Jesus, we are beginning a 4 week Study on Sunday mornings at the Nixa campus. Join us as we hear the stories of 4 different individuals who were deep in the darkness of unbelief, but who by the grace and mercy of God came to faith in the light of the world - Jesus himself. As we hear about their journeys, we are sure to learn more about our own journey of faith as well. See you all this Sunday!

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