The Springfield Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Support Group, is a ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church.

The CKD Support Group is open to anyone with any type of kidney disease, anyone who is a caregiver or family member, and anyone interested in learning how CKD affects others. Here at Redeemer, part of our ministry statement is that Redeemer Cares for All. This is another way we care for all, by caring for a part of our community that sometimes gets overlooked because of their disabilities. Here, below, is an explanation of the last stage of CKD is, and how it affects those of us with the disease.

Why Redeemer and why a Dialysis Support Group?

  • There was no Support Group for members of the dialysis community
  • Springfield has multiple dialysis clinics that serve the greater Springfield area
  • Kidney disease is the ninth (9) leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Kidney disease patients experience multiple chronic illnesses along with a sense of hopelessness, feelings of isolation, loss of income and a loss of independence.