Holiday Habits

Josh WannerDevotions, Waiting

“Do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” Romans 13:14b

Do you have any Holiday Habits?  During this season of the year, we are bombarded with opportunities to indulge in all of this life’s pleasures.  Is it a little more difficult to avoid the delicious sweets this time of year?  Do you outspend your budget because the deals are just too great to beat?  Maybe its family habits – tensions and stress run high.  Or, maybe it’s a holiday “habit” that is out of your control – those raised emotions that come from facing another Christmas without a loved one who made it so special. 

Paul tells the Roman church in today’s scripture that because they have been clothed in Christ, it’s time to stop considering the desires of this world.  You see, as we wait patiently for salvation during this first week of Advent, we must first recognize what it is that we need saving from.  During this season, and every season, our every human desire is to please our own sinful flesh.  We indulge.  We treat ourselves.  We covet the hottest toy or gadget on the market.  We fall back into our typical Holiday Habits. 

Thanks be to God that like a warm coat on a cool December night, we have been robed with Christ.  This means that God’s promises surround us as we wait for salvation.  You see, God has some Holiday Habits of his own.  His habit – and even more, His guarantee – is forgiveness.  His habit is to love.  His habit is to remind us that there is salvation in and through His son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  May we wait patiently this Advent for his arrival, putting off the sinful desires of the flesh!

God of every good habit, clothe me with Christ, that I may put off the desires of the flesh and wait patiently for the Salvation promised through the Babe of Bethlehem.

Contributed by Rev. Jarod Koenig