Follow Me

Josh WannerVision

John 21:18-19

“And after saying this he said to him, ‘Follow me.’”

Sheep need someone to lead them and shepherd them. They scatter like a flock of birds when something scary attacks them or comes their way. This is why sheep need someone desperately to be their guide.

We humans are just like sheep. We fall off the track and fear takes control. Jesus will reach out to us, pull us in and put us back on track.

In this passage, Jesus questions Peter’ love. Jesus actually knows the answer to His question, though it slightly surprised Peter. Jesus does this because He wants Peter to show it, to put love into action.

Jesus loves when we have a servant’s heart and actually work for the Lord. We have a privilege to be God’s hands and feet. It shows we are wholeheartedly all for Him, and we would die for Him. It’s not the same to just say we love Him. We need to actually do it. Love does.

He calls us to be shepherds of Christ, people who love and care and will actually serve one another. Not judge. Not criticize. Just wholeheartedly love. As you go on to life today, remember Jesus is the one who keeps you on the path and guides you. So we can live in a carefree pasture, leading others our way.

Jesus, thank you for being my Good Shepherd. Help me lead other people to You. Amen.

Contributed by SLS 8th Grade Students:
Erika Hilpert, Kristin Probst, Summer Weems