Don’t Wait

Josh WannerDevotions, Waiting

“Go and tell John what you hear and see.”
Matthew 11:4

Advent – what a special time of year this is! You have likely decorated not only your Christmas tree, but also many areas throughout your home. Perhaps you were even brave enough to hang lights on the outside of your house. Advent is a time of preparation – preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world!

While the season of Advent is all about a calming preparation, many are eager – and that’s not a bad thing! Young children are eager to open gifts and may spend much time staring at the decorated boxes underneath the Christmas tree. Teenagers are using their phones to ponder the items they might buy with gift cards and cash received during the holidays. And, many adults have Christmas music playing in their vehicles and offices. Yes, the spirit of Christmas gets many people excited, indeed!

The younger a person is, the longer it takes for Christmas to arrive. Waiting patiently for Christmas to arrive is often mentioned in homes (and workplaces), but doing so is tough. Unfortunately, the need to wait during this time of year is often focused on the anticipation of gifts to be received.

However, there is great news! You have already received the greatest gift of all – Jesus! He has already been born, and He died and rose again for your salvation! While you may be waiting patiently for the calendar celebrations surrounding his Christmas birthday, there is no need to “hold back” on sharing the Good News of His birth – tell people today!

As is shared in Matthew 11:4, people were encouraged to “go” and “tell what you hear and see”. The same holds true for Christians today; it is a wonderful celebration of Advent (and Christmas) to share the Good News! Go, tell it on the mountain…today!

Lord, as we wait patiently for the calendar to show the birthday of Jesus, help us remember to daily share the Good News we already know. Amen.

Contributed by Dr. Drew Gerdes, former SLS teacher
Now serving at Concordia International School (LCMS) – Shanghai