Defeated Eyes

Josh WannerDevotions, Vision

Mark 15:40-16:1

I have this antique chest in my apartment. It was my great aunt’s, and after she passed, my dad brought home one chest for my sister and one for me. I was just beginning high school at the time and I put it in a corner of my bedroom without much thought. But through the years that chest became a hiding place for treasures. Old letters from friends and family, pictures and souvenirs from special trips, and trophies that I’m too embarrassed to show off, but too proud to get rid of. Happy memories of happy times with happy people.

The more I visit people’s homes the more I realize I’m not alone when it comes to making a treasure trove. Whether it’s a shelf in the basement, a box in the attic, or a bookshelf in the living room, many people have a spot to remember the triumphs of life.

You know what people don’t keep around? Reminders of failures. Pictures of our worst fights, mementos of our biggest embarrass-ments, and other reminders of our not-quite-perfect moments don’t make the cut when it comes to our personal treasure troves.

But Jesus turned the whole idea of defeat upside down. The great-est sign of His defeat, the Cross, is now the most recognizable sign of victory the Church has.

I’m sure that as Jesus’ friends looked to the empty Cross the Saturday before His resurrection, they were feeling anything but victorious. I’m sure they cast down their eyes in defeat and fearfully wondered what was next. I’m sure you’ve felt that way before too. But take heart, dear Church. For Jesus has already turned your greatest defeat into an eternal victory. Not one that we should hide away in our treasure trove, but one we can proudly share with the world around us.

Jesus, too often I cast down my eyes in defeat and worry. Remind me to lift them to the empty Cross and remember that Your great victory covers all of my failures.

Contributed by Hannah Hayden