Confirmation Update

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Confirmation Families,

I hope this message finds you all healthy and safe! I deeply miss seeing you around Redeemer, but I’m thankful that God has provided ways for us to stay in touch and stay safe during this time. I hope your family is using the content on our church Facebook page and our church website to stay active in your worship and Christian education life.

There are a few announcements specifically about our confirmation program that I wanted to communicate:

The Rite of Confirmation

I am thankful for the patience many of our confirmands and their families have exhibited as we figured out the best plan for when and how to host The Rite of Confirmation. Confirmation should be a church wide celebration of the faithful witness of our students. As our ministry team discussed options with our elders, we came to the conclusion that the best time to host this celebration would be on the Sunday we celebrate Reformation Day (Oct. 25th). I understand that this is quite a bit away, which may be disappointing to some of our confirmands. While I cannot tell what the future has in store for us, I believe this date will give us a better chance of having all parents, grandparents, special guests, and the rest of our congregation join us in the celebration.

Confirmands are welcome to join all of our youth events and partake in communion, if our church meets to do so, before The Rite of Confirmation. Additional information about special dinners and rehearsals will be forthcoming, but we are aware that Trunk or Treat is also this weekend and we will strive not to overlap events.

If you have already completed your confirmation interview with Hannah, it will still be marked as completed come this fall. If you have not, Hannah will reach out this summer to schedule a time to talk together.

Thank you again for your incredible patience and flexibility while we figure this out.

Future Programming

Although our year did not finish as expected, many of our students did an excellent job completing the coursework within their own homes. Please be patient with our church staff as we watch how this summer rolls out and see how it affects our church programs in the future. For now, we are fully planning on resuming regularly scheduled modules this coming fall. Keep an eye out for information this summer on orientations and next year’s schedule!

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! Please contact our church office if you need a pastoral call or contact me if I can be helpful at all to you or your family. We love and miss you!

In Christ,
Hannah Hayden
Director of Youth Ministry
Redeemer Lutheran Church