Confirmation Introduction

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Confirmation is a traditional education program within the Lutheran Church. This program allows students to set aside a specific time within their Christian education to explore what it means to be a Lutheran Christian and discover a life-long love of learning about Jesus. Students typically take part in this three-year program during their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade year and conclude this program by taking part in the Rite of Confirmation; a worship service in which they profess their faith as outlined in the Lutheran Confessions.

If your family is interested in participating in our confirmation program, we encourage you to carefully review the information found on this page. Begin by watching the video that suits your needs.

We have one for our families looking to approach confirmation from our church side of ministry, and one for our families approaching confirmation from Springfield Lutheran School.

Please review the PDFs attached below: the program details sheet will provide an overview of our confirmation program and the changes necessary for this year, the schedule will allow families to plan for the coming semester, and finally the registration sheet will allow your family to sign-up for our program!

Please note that we are pushing off the start of our program until October to allow our families to adjust to a new and challenging school year.

In order to get the most recent confirmation communication text @rlccon to 81010. Email Hannah Hayden at with questions or concerns.

Redeemer Parents

SLS Parents

To send in the form electronically.

  • Download PDF document to your computer.
  • Complete all areas of the form.
  • Save the PDF document.
  • Email PDF document to Hannah Hayden at