Comfort Dog Update

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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Redeemer Lutheran Church is still excited to be expecting a Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) comfort dog.  Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of this ministry!

Although many things have changed in the last few months, what has NOT changed is that Jesus still rules and reigns in this world, and Redeemer Lutheran Church is still committed to sharing this good news with the community and world around us. Redeemer has been blessed with the opportunity to reach out to the community through this comfort Dog ministry.

Here is what Redeemer’s comfort Dog team has been up to in the past few months:

  1. Continuing application process – I (Pastor Koenig) have taken over the role of Redeemer’s Comfort Dog Ministry Pastoral advisor.  This is an important role in regards to communication with Lutheran Church Charities, as well as promotion of the Comfort Dog ministry at Redeemer. This transition was essential to the continuation of our application process.  With Pastor Koenig’s involvement, LCC will now consider the comfort Dog ministry an outreach of Redeemer Lutheran Church – Nixa – but the team still intends to work both in Christian AND Green counties, and is still composed of members from BOTH campuses. All are welcome to help out!
  2. Recruiting Handlers – We are continuing to recruit people who are ready, willing, and excited to take our Comfort Dog out into the community once the dog arrives.  We have had some additional interest, but are still in need of people who have 3-4 hours per week available to dedicate to this important ministry, as well as relatively flexible schedules and (of course) a heart for serving others with the joy of Jesus!  Without enough handlers (3 or 4 more) we will need to re-evaluate the comfort dog ministry at Redeemer.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Redeemer’s comfort dog ministry.  Although it now appears that our Comfort Dog will not arrive (due primarily to COVID-related delays) until sometime in 2021, we are excited to prepare for the Dog’s arrival by continuing to serve our community with the mercy, love, and compassion of Jesus!

If you have questions about Redeemer’s Comfort Dog ministry, or would like to learn more or join our team, please reach out to Gail Peckman (417-374-7350) or myself (573-768-9781) at any time.

Serving Christ Joyfully,
Pastor Jarod Koenig
Redeemer Lutheran Church Nixa Campus Pastor