Sunday Series: What are you waiting for?

This phrase can be taken two different ways. It can be a simple question, inquiring what or for whom someone is waiting. However, it can also be a call to action, implying that the person already has everything they need, and should simply go and do whatever lies ahead of them.
This year, throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas, we await the coming of God’s plan of salvation into the world, the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth. During this season, sometimes referred to as “Advent,” we will be discussing this phrase in its two parts. Each week, we will discover another portion of what we as Christians are awaiting at Christmas. Secondly, we will recognize that we, even now as we are still waiting, have already been given everything we need to go and do the amazing things that God has planned for us! So, what are you waiting for? Join us in worship as we wait together for the coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God and the Savior of the world!

Week 1 - December 1 - Waiting for Salvation

Paul reminds the Roman Christians that salvation is getting closer each and every day – and yet it still seems so far away. Join us for worship this week as we discover that as we wait for Christmas, we are waiting for salvation itself to come into the world.      - Romans 13:11-14

Week 2 - December 8 - Waiting for Hope

Whenever we wait, we have hope that something is coming. However, in a world filled with broken promises, our hopes can often disappoint us. This week, come and be reminded that as Christians, we have a hope that never disappoints, but rather encourages us and provides endurance for the long wait of this life.     - Romans 15:4-13

Week 3 - December 15 - Waiting Patiently

We live in world of instant gratification. We want what we want when we want it – which is immediately! While John awaits his execution in prison, some have wondered if he became impatient as he waited for the salvation of God. This week, we discover that waiting patiently is not easy, but that God is already at work among His people!    - Matthew 11:12-15

Week 4 - December 22 - Waiting for Jesus

This week, the answer to the question “What are you waiting for?” comes into clearer focus. This salvation, this hope for which we have been patiently waiting – is about to arrive. However, what we are waiting for might be somewhat different that what we expected, for he comes in the form of a lowly infant – a simple baby!    - Matthew 1:18-25

Christmas Eve - December 24 - The Wait is OVER!

On Christmas eve, what we have been waiting for has finally arrived, namely, salvation in and through the Christ child. We celebrate together the arrival of the one we have all been waiting form.    - Luke 2:1-20