Bringing Glory to Christ

Josh WannerDevotions, Waiting

“Let us walk properly as in the daytime.” Romans 13:13

“Let us walk properly as in the day”.   The Day, that time when we will be glorified, isn’t here yet, but we are to conduct our lives like that time has come to us.  We are in Christ and He expects us to live our lives is such a way that brings glory to His name.  Why would we want to do otherwise? 

Well for me, it’s because I constantly struggle with my sinful self. I fall short when I think about the way I deal with my family and others.  Unfortunately, I revert to old sinful ways, like anger, frustration, or just a lack of patience.  Each day is a challenge to put on Christ’s armor with others.

Why is it that the first reaction I have when a problem arises with others is to act in such a way that doesn’t represent Christ?  I think it’s because I don’t take time to seek Christ’s answer first. 

Eventually my new self does take time to seek Christ. Unfortunately, it’s often after the harm has been done in my conversations or discussions with the other person.

Paul is encouraging us to live in the light of Christ, and in His power to show His glory today.  We are not glorified yet, but by living in the righteousness of Christ, we can show His righteousness to others.

Lord God, thank you that give me life.  Empower me with your Holy Spirit so that each day I can set aside my weak self and live for you and your will alone. Amen.

Contributed by Mary Ellen Staerkel