Bread or Stone?

Josh Wanner40DOD, Devotions

Today’s reading: Romans 13:1-7; Matthew 26:26-28

“Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone?” 

Matthew 7:9

When you have children, your life changes. What an under-statement!  We give up what we were doing with our lives to make the best life we can for them. We become more cognizant of what is important. Our focus is on them.

The first thing we give up is a good night’s sleep. You know what I mean. A baby needs a lot of care. They cannot do anything for themselves. As they grow, their needs change. They need guidance and wisdom. They demand our time. We sacrifice our needs for theirs. After all, as the text says, are we going to give them something they don’t need when we haven’t met their needs?

Our Father gives us everything we need. He knows what need before we ask it. We may not always get what we want, but we will get from him what we need.

God gives us the greatest gift we could have ever received, His Son, Jesus Christ. We are baptized into the family of God and are heirs to His kingdom. He sacrificed for us so that we can offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him. He provides living waters and we shall thirst no more. He wipes away all our tears and heals all our wounds. He sacrificed His Son so we will live forever. He gives us the bread we ask for, and not a stone. Through Jesus, we are His!


Our Father in Heaven, the sacrifice is too great for us. Thank you for providing your Son to be our sacrifice. We praise you for giving us living water and your grace and mercy.

Contributed by Tom Johnson