Josh Wanner40DOD, Devotions

Today’s reading: Romans 3:9-18; Genesis 6:17-18

None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.

Romans 3:10-11

“Saved by grace.” What does this mean to you?

Usually people say, “Grace alone. Faith alone.” in reference to us being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. This means we don’t do anything for God’s precious love and mercy to shine down on us. This means that even though we are not righteous – we constantly turn away, practice deceit on a daily basis, and walk on destructive pathways (Romans 3:10-17) – we are forgiven through the waters of baptism.

I was still youthful when I was baptized; so young I didn’t understand what being baptized truly meant. I remember getting a baptism candle to celebrate my baptismal birthday (which has remained in my baptism box to preserve the memories and such), a stuffed lamb with a pink ribbon tied around its neck, and a tiny Bible. I don’t remember Pastor Shaw saying anything special as I was so young. 

As I have grown, I’ve gone through confirmation and watched other baptisms both young and old, and have come to realize the importance of the act of baptism. Baptism is, and always will be, the way we become God’s children, the way we know that even with the darkness of the world seeping into our hearts, minds, and words, we are saved. We are saved through this gift.  His gift. His glorious and merciful gift. 


Lord, God, I pray that every person who ponders this message knows that what they have done is washed clean by You. You are the healer. You turn broken hearts into joyful noise, You turn the wicked into the tender hearted, You take the blackened darkness of our sin and make us new. It is through this holy gift of baptism that we are made new. Thank you for this gift. 

Contributed by Rebekkah Gates