40 Days and You

Josh WannerNews

The tradition continues! Redeemer is creating an in-house Lenten devotion book for 2021. People love reading these devotions written by members and friends of Redeemer, and this would be a great year for you to contribute! Share a few thoughts on what a pre-chosen Bible verse means to you and you’ll be amazed at how God blesses others through your words.

The theme of our devotional this year is 40 Days of Connection. Now more than ever, people feel disconnected from friends, from family, and even from church. We are crying out to be noticed, understood and cared for – to have someone in our lives who will believe in us, be a friend to us and lift us up in prayer.

Jesus is the answer to our need for connection. He connects us to God as our Father and to those around us as our Christian brothers and sisters. He empowers us to reach out and connect in tangible ways to those who feel isolated and alone.

To learn more about how you can contribute to this year’s devotional, please click the button below.