Welcome to 40 Days of Connection.

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You are about to begin an exciting journey.

Now more than ever before, people feel disconnected from friends, from family, and even from church. People are crying out to be noticed, understood and cared for – to have someone in their lives who will believe in them, be a friend to them and lift them up in prayer.

Jesus is the answer to your need for connection.  In the weeks ahead, you will discover how Jesus connects with you and gives you power to reconnect with Him, with your family in Christ, and with those around you in this lost and lonely world.

More Than a Devotion Book

Soon you should receive a copy of the 40 Days of Connection devotion book in the mail, with devotions written by members and friends of Redeemer.   While these devotions are excellent, they are just one part of Redeemer’s focus on connection for Lent this year. 

In addition to the devotions, our 40 Days of Connection will include:

  • Weekend and midweek services that highlight our need for connection and show how Jesus meets that need for us. 
  • Two new Bible studies that explore how Jesus connects with us, and how we can live more fully connected with others.
  • A Connection Challenge that will help us develop important spiritual disciplines to strengthen our connection with God.

Daily Call to Connection activities that provide practical steps to reach out to others who are in need of connection.


Worship Schedule for Lent/Holy Week 2021

NOTE: Celebrating this year’s theme of connection, our entire congregation will worship together at one campus for the regular Wednesday evening Lenten services.

Ash Wed, Feb 17

6:30 pm Springfield
6:30 pm Nixa

Wed, Feb 24-Mar 24

6:30 pm Nixa

Maundy Thu, Apr 1

6:30 pm Springfield
6:30 pm Nixa

Good Fri, Apr 2

6:30 pm Springfield
6:30 pm Nixa

Holy Sat, Apr 3 

7:30 pm Springfield (No 6:00 pm Service in Nixa)

Easter Sun, Apr 4

6:30 am  Springfield
6:30 am  Nixa
8:00 am  Springfield
8:00 am  Nixa
10:45 am  Springfield
10:45 am  Nixa

Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
    let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

Psalm 95:6

Midweek Worship

Do you ever wonder if God really understands you? Beginning Ash Wednesday, February 17, join us for six special Lenten worship services with the theme, Connected to Christ.

As a celebration of the connection each of us has with our entire Redeemer family, we will all be worshiping at the same campus. Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the Nixa campus, or at growsharecare.org/live.

Weekend Worship

How would you finish this sentence? “I just need to know somebody…”

Worship with us Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. in Nixa, Sundays at the 8:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. service at either campus, or online at growsharecare.org/live.

Our weekend services this Lent focus on six cries for connection made by our hearts, and on how God is ready to answer our cries and fill our need.

Holy Week at Redeemer

Maundy Thursday – Maundy Thursday is the day Jesus showed us His love by instituting the Lord’s Supper. Join us for meaningful worship and communion at both the Springfield and Nixa campuses at 6:30 p.m.

Good Friday – Good Friday is the day Jesus suffered and died on the cross to pay the price for our sin.  Join us for a meditative time of worship at both the Springfield and Nixa campuses at 6:30 p.m.

Holy Saturday- The Easter Vigil, or Service of Light, is the beginning of our celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  Join us in Springfield at 7:30 p.m.

Easter Sunrise Service – Early on Easter morning, both campuses of Redeemer Lutheran Church will welcome the day of our Lord’s resurrection with a sunrise service. 

Easter Celebrations – Easter morning at the 8:00 and 10:45 in-person services, and online at 8:00, be prepared to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection with special music, brass, and an encouraging message from God’s Word.  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

CONNECTION in Bible Study

Build Community

Today, some people think of the church as a powerless institution made of ancient traditions and stuffy buildings. They’re wrong! The church is the new community of God’s people. It’s filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. And it has as much to say to the world today as it did two thousand years ago.

In Acts, you will discover that God wants to do a fresh work among his people by the power of the Holy Spirit. You will find the pathway to authentic community. You will learn how to grow as a worshiper. And you will deep-en your passion to invite others into the fellowship of Christ-followers we call the church.

Sound exciting? Let’s rediscover church together!

Join Pastor Moser on Sunday mornings at 9:30, both in person at the Springfield campus and on Facebook Live, for the six-week Bible study, Build Community.

Connected to Christ

Humanity has a growing problem that’s affecting our happiness. Government offices have been created to handle it, and health officials are documenting it. The twist? It’s not an illness.

It’s loneliness.

With the rise of digital technology and tribalism, a divide is growing between people, encouraging isolation and leading to a pandemic of loneliness.

God provides the solution through His Church, a body of believers woven together for the common good. Sunday mornings at church, and Monday evenings on Facebook Live, join us for a new study called Connected to Christ: Overcoming Isolation Through Community. Led by Pastor Koenig, the prac-tical application and theological depth of this study will encourage you and strengthen your relation-ship with Christ and with His Body, the Church.

CONNECTION in Challenge

Take the challenge! 

This year, instead of committing to give up some thing for Lent, how about committing to give yourself to some one for Lent?

Members and friends of Redeemer are being asked to achieve four challenging goals this season. 

Here is your challenge:

  1. Every day for 40 days, read the daily devotion.
  2. Every day for 40 days, read the Bible chapter that goes with that day’s devotion.
  3. Every day for 40 days, do the Call to Connection activity for the day.
  4. Every week for six weeks, participate in at least one Lenten worship opportunity, either in person or online.

BONUS: Bonus points for participating in one of our six-week Lenten Bible classes.

On Sunday, February 14, worship services will include a time when you can formally commit to the Connection Challenge and when we can celebrate what God is going to do in our Redeemer community through this time spent connecting with Him.