2021 Summer Devotional Writer’s Sign-Up

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With the success of our past in-house devotion booklets during Advent and Lent, Redeemer is creating a summer devotion booklet for 2021.  Please consider writing a devotion this year.  Share a few thoughts with us on what the verse of the day means to you.  You will be amazed at how much God blesses others through your words.

The theme for this devotional is “Abide in Me.”  In John 15, Jesus encourages his disciples to abide or remain in him, and he will remain in them.  We do that by reading and studying his word together, and by encouraging others with the Word of God.

The bible stories and passages each week will coincide with the readings that will appear in Redeemer’s weekend worship, meaning that this devotional will lead and guide our study of God’s word throughout the week as we prepare for corporate worship together where our God comes to us and fills us with his gifts of life and forgiveness!  We live and abide in Him!

This devotional is one way we grow together in His word, and any member can participate!

Here’s how:

  1. Review the Weekly Themes and Daily Passages.
  2. Choose one or two dates that interest you and sign up below.
  3. Submit your devotions as soon as possible, but NO LATER THAN APRIL 19th, to Pastor Koenig at jkoenig@rlcmail.org.
  4. The devotions must:
    1. Have a title chosen by YOU!
    2. Refer to the verse or passage of the day.
    3. Conclude with a short prayer
    4. Consist of 200 to 300 words
  5. Devotions submitted will be edited for length, grammar and content. Available dates are first-come, first served.
  6. Please contact Pastor Koenig or Gail Peckman with any questions at the church office: 417-881-5470